Happy Birthday Bilka Skincare!

Bilka UPgrape

As we celebrate 1 year from the birth of Bilka Skincare UK, I’d like to share the spotlight with the manufacturers Krasnaya Linia – translated Red Line – “the preferred brand of some of the most glamorous and hard to please women to be found anywhere. They are discriminating, tasteful, fine skinned, powdered, perfumed and pampered – these are “Real Russian Beauties”. They are experienced enough to give lessons in the proper use of cosmetics and perfumes.” – an extract which I got from the internet. Although

 I’m not in that category of maintenance, I needed good products just as much – the busier and the less time we have to maintain ourselves, the more the need for effective products that do the job they promise to do and that erase the signs of the passage of time on our skin and our failings to look after ourselves. 
When my skin was dry and sallow at the end of last summer, I came across Bilka Mavrud age Expert face cream, it said “Intensive, Regenerating” on the tin, and captivated by the natural heady aroma of the black grapes, I spread it on my skin. Within days my skin was perked up and rejuvenated, looking younger than ever! Then I ran to the shop and got the Mavrud age Expert eye cream. Intensive, regenerating, anti-wrinkle – hm that’s exactly what I needed if it were true… I was just as delighted with its natural grapes fragrance as with its effects – lifted my heavy tired eyelids and widened my eyes, smoothed the lines around the eyes, strengthened the skin under the eyes which tends to get thin and vulnerable… I was enchanted. 
Then called Krasnaya Linia and we took it from there. After a year of Bilka Skincare UK, we have 100% positive feedback from our customers and glad to deliver products which meet the needs of women (and men) around the world. I’m so pleased that men are also benefiting from Bilka products. We still maintain our 100% money back policy if a customer is not satisfied with a product. We take pleasure in delighting customers with excellent service, which is pretty easy to maintain at the same time – so far we have not had any disappointed customers. 

Happy Birthday Bilka Skincare! 


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