It’s all in the eyes

Browsing through my dream man’s recent photos on facebook I conclude that life is a crazy roller coaster where no one knows who will win and who will lose till the end and may be not even then! 

We met in 1999, he in a relationship going nowhere, and I in a relationship going nowhere.  We had all the circumstances to start something new and better than our pasts, but it did not happen, for reasons unknown to me.  I spent many hours analysing why it did not happen, and I know less than ever now, but he did remain in my memories as my ideal man, the standard to which I measured everyone else.  Handsome, strong, dynamic, hard-working, he was everything I liked and there was nothing about him that I did not like.  

Today, I don’t know what made me go to his facebook profile.  It’s not that I missed him.  After so many years my heart has forgotten him.  I no longer have feelings for him.  But I wanted to know how he is.  And given the opportunity by facebook, hey why not? 

Snoop snoop, here is me trespassing his territory, snooping on his photos, status updates, hmm, I feel like a criminal, a thief and worse… 

His intelligence – intact, spirituality – even more advanced – my heart squeezed as I remembered  how wise and sorted out he was even for his young age – his heart always in the right place, dedicated to doing good for others…. His sense of humour, sarcasm, strong opinions hiding a soft heart, and all the sports activities that made me so inspired about him – the wakeboarding, the snowboarding, the ultimate turn on for me is seeing a fit, carefree male on his wakeboard or snowboard! 

I love snowboarding but I can’t wakeboard and here he is posting videos of his wakeboarding – how awesome his body is, so fit and masculine!  Then close ups begin, and I see the face of a stranger, someone not who I remember.  Totally changed.  His eyes have lost their sparkle, cheeks have become too full and heavy, skin has lost its lustre.  

Goodness, what happened to these eyes I wrote poetry about.  A poem that was found by the man I was living with at the time, who was a poet and who never saw me writing poetry about anyone or anything.  But he found a poem written by me, about Rene’s eyes. And he cried while reading it, as it made us realise that the love between us was over. 

That poem was about Rene’s eyes.  And quite rightly so.  His eyes had the sexiest fine lines when he smiled.  The rest of the time – wide open, curious, full of awe for everything beautiful.  Every waking minute I was thinking about Rene. 

Looking at Rene tonight I could not find those eyes. They were smaller, much smaller. And I don’t feel that I want to kiss them.  I don’t feel like I want to gaze into them.  I feel no attraction, no excitement, no romance towards him. I feel glad that I am not with him.  I feel that if we had got together, we would have split up.  All that wishing to have him had been in vain.  The right thing has happened.  Fate has been kind to me not cruel.  

I am an eyes person.  I appreciate a nice, fit body, but the eyes, only the eyes can do it for me.  I can respect and love someone as a friend on the merit of his personality, but I cannot fall in love unless I like the eyes.  Eyes look attractive when they don’t have dark circles, when they are well rested, when are are not red and puffy from too much exposure to the elements or the computer screen.  Laughter lines give a character to the face and make the expression warmer and consequently more attractive, but permanent wrinkles on the skin around the eyes makes them look exhausted all the time.  And all that due to the thin texture of the skin, which makes it more vulnerable, drier and easier damaged than any other skin on the body.  

There are some medical conditions that can contribute to dark shadows and bags under the eyes, and no skincare product can replace  healthy eating and sleeping habits, so this is not a miracle cure for any type of problem, but MAVRUD age EXPERT Intensive Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream comes very close to that with its awesome effect on the eyes. It smooths wrinkles around the eyes, eliminates bags and puffiness, lifts the eyelids gloriously and even when tired and with not much sleep, it make the eyes look wide open and rested.  

Combine this with no salt in the diet, which is one of the biggest causes of bags under eyes and dark circles, and you will see how mighty this product is.  It’s the black grapes MAVRUD extract plus the other ingredients that love and care for your skin.  Share your stories with us, about the good and bad experiences you have had with yours or someone else’s eyes.


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