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Hi All!

I have seen many good films in my lifetime but the best films I think are those never made, about real people living real life.  Some people’s lives are more incredible than the most skilfully constructed story lines.  And each one of us has these incredible experiences to one extent or another.  

Have you had such an experience that is hard to believe, have you had one of those coincidences that makes you wonder what are the odds of this happening, have you had a deja vu or a meeting with the supernatural?  

Share some of these magical moments!  

I get these all the time, almost every day I experience something that makes me struggle to understand it logically.  For example this morning I made eye contact with someone on the crowded tube, hours later I walk in a building and that same person is there, both of us looking in disbelief how that is possible – in a 10 million city – to meet the same stranger twice in one day! This is not a Hollywood comedy, this is real life. 

I find such experiences mind-boggling.  What is the meaning of that? Is there a meaning? What conclusion can be drawn from that?  My logical mind gets into overdrive trying to make some sense of it, but it can’t and I give up and go with the flow of feeling wonder and awe at this incomprehensible mystery.  

What is the most incredible thing that has happened to you? Do you see a meaning in it or do you marvel at the infinite vastness of possibilities that manifest to us? 
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