GET 50% Off Bilka Gift Sets

Bilka skincare launched Gift Sets for the lines MAVRUD age EXPERT, Grape Energy and UPgrape and a free gift wrapping service.  At the moment the gift sets are on a 50% discount deal to help you solve your Christmas gifts dilemmas.  Fast free delivery from UK is also included in the price so what are you waiting for – grab some while the deal is on!  

Alongside the skincare products Bilka Skincare offers advice on the products, which can save you the time and effort trying to figure out which product is for what type of skin, and what it can do for you personally.  Bilka offers products for dry skin that is short of hydration – UPgrape Lifting Face Cream, Aqua Natura Moisturising Face Cream and products for extra dry skin that is very undernourished – Energizing Face Cream, MAVRUD age EXPERT Anti aging Firming Face Cream, so it is useful to drop us a line with your question before buying to ensure that you are getting the right product for yourself.

The inspiration for the gift sets came from our body products: Anti Cellulite Gel, Anti aging Firming Body Cream, Anti cellulite Slimming Oil, Grape Beauty Body Butter and Breast Enlarging Firming Gel which are dedicated to meeting specific needs and may slip your top priorities list otherwise.  So being part of a gift set with a face cream or a facial cleanser, can ease its way to your dressing table carrying a big and surprising reward for your skin.  Surprising because most people tend to be sceptical about the positive effects of products on the skin and me included.  After trying the Breast Enlarging and Firming Gel I was surprised! I really did not know that was possible. But Kigelia, the African plant that expands the size of the breasts, delivers the results, and raises the standards of performance for all of those called bio-active ingredients.
Bilka skincare products do what they say they will do, and in good measure.  The Breast Enlarging Firming Gel does enlarge and firm the breasts, reshaping and beautifying the bust; the Anti cellulite Slimming Oil does smooth the affected skin and encourages slimming as long as we remember that slimming cannot happen unless in combination with sensible eating habits.  The Anti cellulite Oil nourishes the skin to avoid creating stretch marks, as well as it deals with the cellulite areas.  Grape Beauty Body Butter made with shea butter and grape extract feeds a hungry undernourished skin, while the Anti aging Firming body cream tightens and tones the flabby areas around the buttocks, arms or anywhere else as needed.  

To get the best out of these products combine them with a good diet.  Skincare and nutrition are each other’s best friends. One cannot overestimate the role foods play in how our body, hair and skin look.

50% Off on All Bilka Gift Sets + Free delivery worldwide + Free Gift Wrapping – save yourself the time, the hassle and your cash! 

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