Tried, Tested, Discovered!

What are your favourite foods and ingredients, which have made your skin better?
And what ingredients in your experience have made your skin worse?

Share your experience with us.  Let’s not go by what we know, but go by what we have tried and tested.  No scientific explanation can replace experience and no knowledge can be better than experience.  And in Bilka’s laboratories that is what really matters – the test, the result.

Each one of Bilka’s products has been rigorously tested for effectiveness before it is launched.  Each product holds a clinical dossier which describes in detail what effects were experienced by the testers.  At the end results are averaged and summarized in percentages.  For example THE firming effect of MAVRUD age EXPERT Intensive Deeply Regenerating Face Cream is reported to be 90% whereas the anti wrinkle effect is reported to be 70%, in other words 90% of participants have reported firming effect and 70% of participants have reported anti-wrinkle effect.

In terms of foods and ingredients, there is very little consistent research out there, and I rely on mine and friends’ and consultants’ recommendations.  My biggest discovery in the past few years is the detrimental effect of salt on my skin, particularly dark circles and bags under eyes.  I don’t know what science says on the subject, but if I have tried and tested this, who is to argue that when I used to eat salt – I had bags under eyes and when I stopped eating salt – bags under eyes disappeared.  Let us all share our good and bad experiences so we can expand our range of tried and tested methods not just theoretical knowledge.

Experience sometimes can contradict science and at the end of the day it is our own choice whose advice we are going to follow – the one based on theory and how it should be or the one based on experience.  Many years ago after losing a lot of weight, my facial skin became thin and my face was gaunt and lifeless like a wax statue’s.  Surely that was not the look I was aiming to achieve after so many sacrifices of favourite foods in the name of a slimmer, slenderer figure.  And that experienced showed me that dieting is just not for me.  I wish good luck to anyone who likes to diet and I am sure there are people who do benefit from it, but for my type of skin – dry and thin – slimming diets are just not suitable.  Still having discovered that was not taking me much farther, as I still needed to know if dieting was not helping then what would help.  And I came across an article about a beauty consultant who specialises in knowing how foods affect the skin.  She said – for thin and dry skin – eat butter.  Theoretically that is not a healthy choice.  But, being a strong believer of experience, I tried it.  And the results were great!  The facial skin became stronger and plumper.  No longer the gaunt look, but a healthy, fully fleshed face, looking as if I had just woken up from a long and peaceful sleep.  It worked for me.  Clearly this advice may not be suitable for people with certain health problems which require them to lose weight and to keep fat levels low.  But it works for my thin, dry skin.

MAVRUD age EXPERT Anti-aging skincare with black grapes Mavrud extract

Thus I arrived at Bilka skincare – in the midst of a dry and demanding summer when my skin became exhausted, I came across MAVRUD age EXPERT Anti aging Firming Face Cream and Intensive Anti wrinkle Eye Cream, and tried them sceptically.  The results surprised me: face firmed and lifted only within hours, eyes no longer had the sharp crow lines and the heavy eyelids,  hands restored its original smoothness…  Then back to the shop – Breast Enlarging Firming Gel, Anti cellulite Oil, glided on my hungry skin, food for my skin and my confidence.  The oil made me smell of grapes and feel like I was edible, I adored that comforting, luxury feeling, but when I saw the work it did for my skin, that was when I knew what bio-active ingredients meant.  Only after one use, all dryness was gone, skin looked satiated and nourished, and comfortable being itself.  The Breast Firming and Enlarging gel took a week to show results, and these results made me feel like a winner.  That was the discovery of the decade! Breasts grew larger and became firmer, reshaped into bouncy, happy, fox snouts bursting with life and energy.  

What are the foods and skincare products that work for you?  Share some of your experience!

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